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Bold indicates a current style, italics indicates past styles. Click on a picture to zoom in.

Pop Bangles - Colored Artistic Wire wrapped around wire, wrapped around more wire. Simple, clean and fun. You choose the color(s). Available as a bracelet or eye catching choker.

Knitware (bracelet) - Knit and crocheted colored Artistic Wire, some with glass beads. Some are thin, some are wide, but every one catches the eye. You choose the color, the style (knit/crochet) and the types of beads.

Wrapped (set)- A necklace, bracelet and earring set with rectangular glass beads wired wrapped with sterling silver. 

Wrapped (bracelet) - Green rectangular glass beads wired wrapped with sterling silver.

Sea Serpent (bracelet) - This unique bracelet hand-linked using green-colored copper wire, makes an impressive statement. You'll love the way the bracelet slinks about your wrist.
Sea Serpent (earrings) - Matching Sea Serpent earrings dangle seductively below your ears.
Sequence (bracelet) - Byzantine chain made from 16 gauge sterling silver wire. The clasp is handmade and very sturdy. Also available in other Artistic Wire colors.

Sequence (bracelet) - Byzantine chain bracelet made from 20 gauge niobium wire.

Sequence (bracelet) - Byzantine chain bracelet and matching earrings made from 20 gauge blue Artistic Wire. Also available in other Artistic Wire colors.

Scattered (bracelet) - Wire bead bracelet, in 20 gauge artistic wire with black links between the beads. One of my earlier works, but fun none the less

Celtic (set) - Top o' the Morning to you! Enjoy a Guiness while wearing this beautiful green wire necklace and earring set. On second thought: maybe wait until after lunch for the beer.

Experimentation - It started as an experiment, but what a way to show off these hand blown glass beads!

Singin' the Blues (bracelet) -
Oh, the sultry way this beaded bracelet floats about your wrist...the same way a good blues tune hangs in the air and takes on a life of its own, seizes your soul and makes you wanna move. This intriguing bracelet is finished with a sterling silver clasp to complete the look.


Wrist Memory (bracelet) - Randomly beaded bracelets on memory wire tantalize your eyes and ears. Can be used to dress up or dress down. Can even be used to hold back curtains!

Seeing is Believing - Beaded chains to hold yoru glasses so you don't lose them. You get to choose the type (formal or wild) and the color(s) and leave the rest to me. Inspired by my Mother-In-Law and her sisters.

Audrey (set) - Named for my mother who recieved the prototype as a gift. This casual 30" necklace and earring set is crafted from multicolored wooden beads - it is so much fun to wear. It is the perfect accessory for almost any outfit.

Luck (bracelet) - Red is the lucky color in China, so why not take your chances. This bracelet is wire wrapped with sterling silver. Hand made clasp

Spacey (set) - These Czech glass beads are beyond description, but they will take you into orbit. To keep them grounded they have been wire wrapped with sterling silver.

Wooden It Be Lovely (set) -
This terrific 24" necklace and earrings set is crafted from purple glass and light brown wooden beads, all joined together with hand-wrapped silver-colored wire. You can get the same style in green, blue or multicolored glass beads. Simple? Yes! And that's the beauty of it!

Wooden It Be Lovely (earring) - close up of the earrings.

It's a Miracle! (set) - This picture does not do these purple beads justice - they glow as they hand around your neck and down from your ears.

Globular (set) - A etheral glass globe hangs seductively at your neck on a glass bead chain. The matching earrings and bracelet make this a fantastic set.

Certainty (necklace) - Some things you just know. True love, true friendship, a good wine, and this intriguing necklace. The beads are fascinating, with their marvelous shades of turquoise and purple, and they're linked together with hand-wrapped sterling silver wire.


Moonflower- Ebony glass beads, set off by silver flower bead caps, really give this enchanting bracelet its personality. Its go-with-everything style and color will make it a wardrobe favorite.

Meadow - You'll love the soothing color of green -- like a springtime meadow -- in this lovely bracelet, hand-crafted from Czech glass beads and sterling silver wire and accents. Even the clasp is handmade for a totally original look.

Whirlwind - This gorgeous handcrafted bracelet and earrings set is made from hand-wrapped sterling silver wire and Czech glass beads in stunning shades of blue. It'll take your breath away!

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